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New safety switches with electric reset FT series pizzato


For twenty-five years Pizzato Elettrica has been designing devices daily used in the lift sector thanks to their proven reliability and their good quality/price rate.
The large range of products the company offers is widened by the introduction of the new safety switch with electric reset FT series.
When operated, the switch stays switched: it resets electrically through the solenoid inside. Thanks to this characteristic it is possible to remotely reset the switch without physically going near it.
Furthermore the wide range of actuators increases the application possibilities making the product particularly flexible for different uses.
Main data:
polymer housing, 3 knock out conduit entries
more than 20 actuators
3 supply voltages (24 Vdc ± 10%, 48 Vdc ± 10%, 230 Vac ± 10%)
new adjustment system integrated in the switch: this system, purposely designed for over-speed devices, allows a very sensitive adjustment of the switch position along its vertical axis
versions with M12 connector assembled
protection degree IP67
- in compliance with EN 81
Made with the passion for quality which always distinguishes the company, Pizzato Elettrica lift devices are selected as first choice products by the most important multinationals and used worldwide.




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