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NEXTLEVEL ΑΝΕΛΚΥΣΤΗΡΕΣ  Αθήνα | Θεσσαλονίκη | Κύπρος ✆ 211 0139949

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New lift control stations EROUND LIFT line pizzato


New lift control stations EROUND LIFT line


Backed by the experience and knowledge acquired in over 25 years of activity in the lift sector, Pizzato Elettrica confirms its capacity of proposing, even in new sectors, innovative solutions which succeed in combining an extremely practical and flexible operation with an accurately detailed linear design.
The new EL series lift control stations, designed to pilot the movement of lifts during control and maintenance operations, incorporate this latest feature, and they use articles from the EROUND line as control and signalling devices.

The range of EROUND LIFT series control stations includes different dimensions and several configurations.The outlines and details of the new control stations have been accurately designed, which contributes to an attractive aesthetic result.

The new EROUND LIFT series control stations can bear any impact and stress thanks to theri specific design and resistant materials, fitted for heavy-duty application.

Furthermore, the devices are guaranteed protection against knocks and treading both by the use of sturdy guards for particularly bulky auxiliary control devices, such as the emergency pushbutton or the selector.

Thanks to a new laser marking system, the EROUND LIFT series control stations can be customized with indications, symbols and customer logos, as well as with inscriptions available in several languages.




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