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NEXTLEVEL ΑΝΕΛΚΥΣΤΗΡΕΣ  Αθήνα | Θεσσαλονίκη | Κύπρος ✆ 211 0139949

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Sicor SG-20-180A is specifically designed for the 320 kg.

Sicor SG-20-180A permanenent magnet inner rotor synchronous machines are specially developed for applications of modern lift.
The advantages of choosing this new range of gearless are many and thanks to their compact design are ideal for applications without machine room (MRLs), but both can be used in modernization of existing lift.

Technical characteristics

  • Max. Static Load 1600 kg;
  • average weight (depending for the configuration) reduced down to 170 kg;
  • cast iron EN-GJS-700-2-UNI EN 1563 with hardness over 250HB is used for traction sheaves. For the use of special certified ropes were specifically designed traction sheaves with heat treatment and a hardness over 50 HRC;
  • the standard motors used are of Italian production, protection class F, insulation Class IP21 and forced ventilation of the motors is not necessary;
  • high efficiency: permanent magnet synchronous motor allows the direct generation of torque by eliminating the study of mechanical reduction. This guarantees an increase machine efficiency and a consequent reduction of energy consumption;
  • smooth quite operation, noise level (within the range of VDI 2566) < 60 dBA are guaranteed by Sicor gearless machines;
  • certified brake provide maximum security and are approved as a safety device for ascending car overspeed protection;
  • the wide range of motors and traction sheaves allows, with the help of our internal configuration program, the choice of the suitable machine with low energy consumption;
  • fast control with inverter to use lift of the best brands.





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