NEXTLEVEL ΑΝΕΛΚΥΣΤΗΡΕΣ  Αθήνα | Θεσσαλονίκη | Κύπρος ✆ 211 0139949

NEXTLEVEL ΑΝΕΛΚΥΣΤΗΡΕΣ  Αθήνα | Θεσσαλονίκη | Κύπρος ✆ 211 0139949

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Gear box studied for elevators from 4 to 6 people and versatile range of application included between 320 and 750 Kg. Innovative design that brings three different positions for the bedplate fixing at 0°, 90° and 180°.

This layout allows you to use the same drive in vertical, horizontal, left or right position and favors its use in "machine roomless" installations.

Technical characteristics

  • Max. Static Load = 2600 kg;
  • extremely compact, with the possibility to easily remove the traction sheave, flywheel and stator engine with the braking group;
  • full range of engines available in ACVVVF with predisposition to control the inverter, or two-speed AC2;
  • average weight (depending for the configuration) reduced down to 180 kg;
  • forced ventilation of the motors (supplied as standard) allows 240 starts/hour on motors predisposed for inverter (ACVVVF) or 180 starts/hour on two-speed motors (AC2);
  • worm shaft in one piece. No coupling between the motor and the reductor, allowing no need for balancing the machine in case of replacement of the motor;
  • mechanical and electric test on 100÷ of the production;
  • traction sheaves made of EN-GJS-700-2-UNI EN 1563 cast iron, with hardness over 250HB assuring the longest possible life span of the component. Tractions sheaves diameters included between 320 and 700 Ø millimetres;
  • possible installation of the SSB brake;
  • silent operations, with noise level not exceeding 60 dBA VDI;
  • monolithic construction of the slow shaft;
  • three oil level indicators for the easier level control based on each specific position of installation;
  • long life synthetic oil supplied with the machine (oil capacity =4 lt.).





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